I'm a Melbourne songwriter called Wilding. Well, Justin Wilding Stokes. 'Wilding' is my middle name. It was my Dad's and his Dad's too. I was told that one of my forebearers won a pretty penny on a racehorse called Wilding and named his child Wilding. Since then the name's been carried on through subsequent generations. Apparently this happens sometimes. 
I grew up on the banks of the River Mersey, outside Liverpool, England. It's a place that celebrates the ordinary. And I suppose that's fine. I lived next to the biggest oil refinery in Europe, so the Mersey was a vilely polluted river system. Still, we swam and played in it. I eventually ended up here in Melbourne, Australia. But before here, there was Brisbane. I moved from drizzly England to live with my maternal grandmother in sunny suburban Brisbane. I liked it there. Nice people. It quickly became home. Melbourne's better though – everybody knows that.
Anyway, I write songs and make music. And it’s clear that my hometown left an indelible mark on my music tastes – unashamedly British-flavoured pop.
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