I'm a Melbourne songwriter and UK ex-pat called Wilding. Well, Justin Wilding Stokes – as you can see 'Wilding' is my middle name. It was my Dad's too and his Dad's etc. Apparently, one of my fore-bearers won a pretty penny on a racehorse called Wilding and named his child Wilding and since then the name's been carried on through subsequent generations. Apparently this happens sometimes. Working class people trying to get into the middle classes.
I grew up in a town called Ellesmere Port on the banks of the River Mersey, outside Liverpool. It's a place that celebrates the ordinary. And I suppose that's fine. It was also next to the biggest oil refinery in Europe. Coincidently, the River Mersey was one of most polluted river systems in Europe. Still, we swam and played in it.
I eventually ended up here in Melbourne, Australia. But before here, there was Brisbane. I moved from drizzly England to live with my maternal grandmother in sunny suburban Brisbane. I liked it there. Nice people. It quickly became home. Melbourne's better though – everybody knows that.
Anyway, I write songs and make music. And I think if you take a listen it’s clear that my hometown left an indelible mark on my music tastes – unashamedly British-flavoured pop.
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